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jazz band wakeup

When Daughter Refuses To Wake Up For School Mom, Hatches Hilariously Genius Plan.

Many parents know the feeling when you simply cannot rouse your kids for school in the morning.

Some kids simply aren’t morning people, so prying them from their nice, warm beds in time to make the bus can be a real challenge. One mom in Atlanta, Georgia, had so much trouble getting her 10-year-old daughter out of bed that she resorted to an over-the-top, yet 100%, hilarious solution.


Sophie’s mom tried everything to get her up for school, from gently rubbing the girl’s back to baking cinnamon rolls so the aroma would entice the child out of bed. When nothing worked, she called in the big guns.

With help from “The Bert Show,” a morning radio program in the Atlanta area, Sophie’s mom arranged for a local five-piece jazz band to show up bright and early one morning. Video of the event begins in darkness in Sophie’s room. After a whispered conference with the band, the light flips on and they start blaring their horns.


Local artists Blair Crimmins & the Hookers played their song “Run That Rabbit Down” as a very groggy Sophie crawled out from under the covers. Her face forms into a giant question mark as she takes in the tuba and trombone that are just a few feet from her previously sleeping head.


After Sophie has finally gotten herself vertical and is sleepily rubbing her eyes, the band slowly leaves her room to continue their performance in the family’s living room. The tousle-haired child then accepts the phone from Bert, who gives her a good ribbing for needing a jazz band to wake her up.


She’s still half-asleep as she answers most of Bert’s inquiries, but when he mentions that if she doesn’t get herself up quicker, the band will be showing up to wake her “every day for the next five weeks,” her response is perfect.

“I guess I need to buy myself some earplugs.”


What a good-natured response! We hope this trick worked and Sophie stopped giving her mom such a hard time in the morning. We totally understand how hard it is to get out of bed some days, kiddo!

Watch Sophie’s early morning wake up call in the video below and don’t forget to share to make someone laugh today.

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