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Baby’s Adorable “Attack Kisses” Make Grandma Roar With Laughter.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you just want to gobble them right up? The baby in the video below sure has, and that person is none other than her grandmother!

While out at lunch with her family, a sweet little baby dressed all in pale pink was handed over to grandma so Mom could eat in peace. Grandma is thrilled to accept the snuggly little child, but as soon as she has the baby in her arms, one little kiss on the cheek sends her into a flurry of “attack kisses.”


Mothers everywhere will recognize that this baby is “rooting,” a term in breastfeeding that means the baby is trying to latch on in order to feed. Unfortunately, she seems to be under the mistaken impression that grandma’s face is a bottle, so she nuzzles in there and goes after her cheek like it’s a t-bone steak!

Grandma, meanwhile, can’t help but crack up at these semi-aggressive kisses her granddaughter is bestowing upon her. There’s something about her infectious laughter that makes us giggle too! We wish we could bottle this sort of happiness to have whenever we feel like it.


The video was already going viral after less than 24 hours online. There’s just something wonderful about this sweet moment, and the belly laughter coming from grandma is music to our ears. In fact, people at the surrounding tables soon turn around to giggle at the baby’s “attack kisses,” too. Something tells us this cute baby makes people smile wherever she goes.

Take a look at the whole adorable scene in the video below, and be sure to share this laughter with others!

Baby giving attack kisses to mom from r/ContagiousLaughter

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