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anthony brown weight loss

Man Loses 170 Lbs. After Finding He’s Too Heavy To Use Scale For Overweight People.

Anthony Brown knew he’d gained a lot of weight, but he was still shocked when he stepped on a scale specifically designed for overweight individuals.

Instead of seeing numbers on the digital display, the scale simply read “ERR.” The error message meant that Anthony, who lives in Riverside, California, was over the scale’s limit of 375 pounds.

This fact, combined with the news that his sister had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, was a wake-up call for the 34-year-old. He decided right then and there that it was time to work harder to control his binge eating.


Anthony has always been a larger person, but he grew up attributing his stature to his above-average height. But after high school, things really began to “spiral out of control,” and soon he found himself shopping exclusively in big and tall stores. As he grew more insecure about his looks, he realized he’d been making excuses for his weight instead of dealing with it.

I tried several different diet plans during my weight loss journey (keto, low carb, eating clean) which all worked to some extent, but I found myself questioning the purpose and sustainability of these diets,” Anthony said. “‘Are these diets really something I wanted to do the rest of my life?’ and ‘Why is it that some people are able to eat all this junk food, candy, pizza, potato chips, and stay thin?’ […] was [I] doomed to be eating broccoli and chicken breast for every meal for the rest of my life, or was it something else?’ It was then I realized, it wasn’t about what you ate, it was how much.


Anthony’s realization lead him to start counting calories. He used a simple mathematical approach, calculating how many calories his body needed each day to maintain his weight, then subtracting calories to create a deficit.

At my weight of over 375 pounds, I needed 3,400 calories to maintain my current weight, so I decided to eat at a 1,000 calorie deficit […] which would allow me to lose around 2 pounds a week. What I ate for those 2,400 calories was pretty much whatever I felt like eating, as long as it was within my calorie limits. This included pizza, burgers, potato chips, French fries, candy, fast food, etc. My only rules were, stay in a caloric deficit, and if I can’t count it, don’t eat it.


After six months on his new eating plan, Anthony had already lost 75 pounds. He knew he needed to incorporate exercise into his routine, but fear of being seen in a gym gave him pause. Like many overweight people who are starting a new fitness regimen, Anthony was afraid other gym-goers would make fun of him for being so out of shape. He decided to start small, using the tiny gym in his apartment complex to build up his confidence in a more private space.

Using this plan for about 3 months, I was able to develop a good base and eventually get to the point where the weights we had in our apartment gym were no longer heavy enough for me to get a good work out. At this point, I started going to the gym, and began using a 5-day, one muscle group a day split, which is the same workout routine I still use to this day.

Anthony Brown weight loss

As the pounds melted away, Anthony noticed a change in the way people treated him; they seemed happier to see him and more willing to get to know him. Part of this change could be because he was now brimming with confidence due to both his looks and the success of his efforts!

Now 170 pounds slimmer, Anthony sticks to his calorie counting, practices intermittent fasting, and allows himself a cheat day once a week so he doesn’t feel deprived. He continues to hone his physique in the gym five days a week, and while he still struggles with binge eating, he realizes that if he slips up, tomorrow is a new day.


Anthony has now decided to use his newfound knowledge to help others change their lives, too.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was then I found new motivation and helping others reach their goals using the same methodology that I did. I am now working with three people of different ages and demographics, and they are all losing weight the same way I did, while eating all the types of food they enjoy.  Watching them succeed now has become my motivation and drive.


Anthony encourages everyone who wants to lose weight to consider his method of creating a calorie deficit.


Also, remember, this journey is not a race but a marathon. If you stumble and make a mistake along the way, you have the ability to fix things, and get back on the path. It’s only by sticking to the journey that you will eventually reach the end. And trust me, it’s well worth it.

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