Another Reason Why Dogs Are Amazing

The power of observation is not something to be overlooked.

Having a dog for a pet is a great way to find love, loyalty, friendship and fun; but canines are now using their keen senses for something remarkable. New studies have shown that through intense observation and an astute sense of smell (which is is about 100,000 times more powerful than that of a human), our canine friends are able to alert us when cancerous cells are present. In many instances dogs have pointed their noses on the precise locations of unidentified tumors.

Here are some more amazing facts and developments on dogs smelling cancer:

  • A study by the InSitu Foundation in 2003 found dogs can sniff out lung and breast cancer by smelling a patient’s breath.
  • In 2004, a study by Buckinghamshire Hospitals Trust and the charity Cancer and Bio-detection Dogs, found the pets can also detect bladder cancer in urine samples.
  • In January 2011, a study said a specially trained Labrador retriever named Marine detected colorectal cancer 91 percent of the time when sniffing patients’ breath, and 97 percent of the time when sniffing stool.
  • Cancer cells are known to produce chemicals called volatile organic compounds that give off distinct odours which dogs are believed to react to.  As a result, dogs can be trained to point their nose at sample pots they believe are cancerous.
  • Trained dogs have also picked up melanomas by sniffing skin lesions.

Learn more about Canine Cancer Detection.

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