10 Years After Losing Hearing, Teen Bursts Into Tears At Sound Of Mother’s Voice.

The calming sound of a mother’s voice is something we often take for granted while growing up. A sweet “hi” or “goodnight” from our mom become part of our regular routine and we can easily overlook their love for us.

Amanda Eshelman lost the ability to hear her mom at a very young age because of an enlarged vestibular aqueduct. The condition caused deafness in her left ear and she eventually began to lose hearing in her right ear – even hearing aids were no longer helping. But then doctors presented her with a solution that would change her life forever. A cochlear implant.

The 13-year-old Amanda was constantly discouraged about rapidly losing her hearing. It caused trouble at school and she would often tell her mom, “I can’t hear, Mom. I don’t like this.”

Amanda underwent surgery to receive a cochlear implant at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and a tear-jerking video was recorded of the precious moment when her device was activated. For the first time, sweet tears of joy streamed down the face of the teenage girl as she was able to hear her mother speak again.

“I said, ‘Hi, baby,’ and she just started crying, and I started crying,” her mother Betsy Eshelman told TODAY. “It was wonderful.”

‘”I was very excited, but I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t sound how I wanted it to sound, or it would be different than I thought it would be,” Amanda told TODAY. “Then they turned it on and it was awesome.”

But Amanda doesn’t take her brand new world of sound for granted. “Every day gets better,”Amanda added. “I just realize how lucky I am.â€

Watch the tear jerking moment below.

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