Airman Pulls Over Unprompted To Help Elderly Woman Struggling With Her Groceries.

For those in public service, even though they may clock in and out from work, when duty calls they often step up to help – whether that service gets credited to their paycheck or not.


Recently, a woman was driving along the highway and noticed a US Airman helping a civilian in the sweetest way.


Amber Roy noticed the airman and quickly got out her cell phone to catch a video of it. She posted the good deed to her Facebook page and said the gesture made her heart melt.

Apparently, the elderly woman, Janice Hall, was walking along a busy highway carrying several bags of groceries the 2 miles from Walmart to her house. As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, Amber said that it was 101 degrees out that day.

Upon noticing the woman, Jibril Jennings of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, pulled over to the side of the road. He then loaded her bags into the trunk of his car and drove her to her destination. Once there, he even unloaded the groceries and helped her put them into the house.


In the video, Amber can be heard saying “what a blessing” as she watches the kind man help the woman. She was truly blown away by his kindness and couldn’t help but share the story so that he could get the credit he deserved (but clearly wasn’t seeking).


But his kindness didn’t end there. Jennings noticed that the ramp into the house was broken and brought some of his Air Force buddies back to fix it.

People from all over are blown away by the Airman’s kindness, particularly because this isn’t something he was “assigned” to do. But to him, he was simply compelled to help a stranger in need.

Watch the sweet act of kindness in the video below and be sure to spread his story and share with your friends!

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