Shop Owner Buys Art From Homeless Man For $20, Then Finds Out It’s A Disney Original.

Adam, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, found an interesting piece of art while digging through the trash. Adam had been living on the streets for the past three years, saving up money to get to London, Canada to reunite with his mother and four children.

When he found the piece, he took it to a local shop where Alex Archbold paid him $20 for it.

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Neither Adam nor Alex had any idea the piece was an original frame from the Walt Disney Studio’s classic, Bambi.

When Alex realized it’s value, he put the piece on eBay where it sold for $3,700.


Knowing Adam’s situation, Alex didn’t feel right keeping all the profit. When he was a teenager, Alex and his family had struggled with poverty. Alex never forgot how that felt, so he resolved to find Adam and split the money with him, 50/50.

For three weeks, he took to the streets in search of Adam until finally Adam wandered back into his shop with another “treasure” to sell. That’s when Alex surprised him with an envelope with $1,700 cash inside.


In addition to sharing the profit, Alex set up a GoFundMe page to help raise enough money to help Adam “get a roof over his head”, particularly as winter approaches in Canada. Alex set a goal of $10,000, but he’s raised over $13,000 for his new friend.


Within six days of creating the GoFundMe page, more than 370 people donated to the cause. One woman said “It’s easy to fall on hard times and we could all use a helping hand from time to time.”

Another left a note with her donation saying, “I want to see Adam succeed in life and be happy and healthy!”

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