3-Yr-Old’s Adorable Response To Her Brother’s Head-Shaping Helmet Has Internet Cheering.

Gary and Shayna Gutierrez of San Antonio, Texas are proud parents of two adorable children: Camila and Jonas.

Jonas is only 4-months-old, and was recently diagnosed with a severe case of plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome. It’s a scary word, but all this means for Jonas is the back of his head has become severely flat due to constantly sleeping on the same spot.


The problem should be righted soon; Jonas will just have to wear a head-shaping helmet for the next 6 to 3 months. On Wednesday, he received the new accessory.


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When his 3-year-old big sister saw him in his helmet, she immediately hatched a plan.

“She’s like, ‘Hey! I have a helmet too and daddy has a helmet,'” Mom Shayna recalled. “So she just got excited and went and dug them all out.”

When Gary found his daughter sitting with her son– both clad in helmets– he promptly joined in.


“She’s all about inclusion,” Gary said. “She wants her brother to be happy. She doesn’t want him to feel different.”

Gary’s cousin tweeted a photo of the little family, and it quickly went viral!



People started tweeting their own “helmet babies” in solidarity.

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