19 Essential Facts Your Dog Wants You To Know

Adopting a dog will change your life forever.

Gypsy, my rescue pup, is a huge blessing in my life. Over the last 3  years of dog ownership, I’ve learned all kinds of tips, lessons, and factoids; I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. (Plus, it’s a great excuse to post cute dog pictures.)

1. Some breeds are better suited for certain climates and strenuous exercise.


Breeds like the Husky thrive in cold environments where they can get PLENTY of exercise. Keeping one of these beautiful animals cooped up in the house will result in shredded pillows and chewed up shoes. Every. Time. Keep this in mind while looking for a fur friend!

2. Some dogs are perfectly fine staying inside 99% of the time.


Other dogs do great hanging out inside with their humans. Again, do a little research before stopping by the animal shelter. There is a dog that’s right for you!

3. All dogs are happiest interacting with you.


Ever notice your pup can sit and stare at you for hours? You’re their favorite thing!

4. Dogs hug you with their eyes.


Studies also show that prolonged eye contact is a primary way dogs show affection.

Brb grabbing tissues.

5. Does your dog pull on the leash? Make both of your lives easier.


This is no muzzle! Behold the gentle leader.  This little leash acts like a horses bridle – gently showing your pup the way you want them to go. If they pull, the gentle lead brings them back towards you.

6. A wagging tail can mean many things.


Generally, all is well when your dog’s tail starts going berzerk… but it’s important to know that isn’t always the case. If you see a strange dog, or your own, with his tail wagging low and slow it could be a sign of anxiety or aggression. Furbabies have boundaries too!

7. Dogs can learn up to 1,000 words.


Chaser the border collie may be the only dog that knows 1,000 words officially, but all of them have the capacity! Your pup loves to learn, so give them work to do and keep them occupied.

8. Dogs really shouldn’t have people food.


I know those puppy dog eyes are hard to resist, but don’t make a habit of forking over the dinner scraps. A lean dog is a happy dog and will be healthy for a long time!

9. Your dog has a sense of time and misses you while you’re gone.


Dogs are great at picking up your routine and habits. If something is off, they’ll start to get worried.

10. Dog anxiety is a real thing.


When training, start leaving for increasing amounts of time starting at one minute all the way up to sevral hours. Eventually, your pup will understand that even if you leave, you’ll be right back! It’ll make life better for the both of you.

11. A dog’s whiskers help it ‘see’ in the dark.


Believe it or not, those whiskers can pick up even subtle changes in air currents helping your pup sense its surroundings, even in the black of night.

12. Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws and on their noses.


Dogs are able to cope in hot environments – but only to a certain point.  Without airflow in claustrophobic places like cars, dogs can overheat extremely quickly. Be careful out there!

 13. Your dog’s sense of smell can be 10 million times stronger than a human’s.


This is the primary reason dogs are used in drug enforcement operations. Not only can dogs sniff the narcotics, they can ‘sift’ them to remain focused on the objective.

For example, if a stew is simmering on the stove, humans simply smell stew… but dogs smell roasted potatoes, beef, stock, spices and everything else separately and simultaneously. It really is amazing.

14. Better yet, dogs can smell your feelings – and they care!


Subtle hormonal fluctuations clue your dog into your mood. You’ll notice your pup being a little more attentive after a hard day. Just let them love you!

15. Some dogs actually smile!


A 2012 study showed that dogs experience emotions similarly to humans. A dog may not be smiling in the way we do… but their body language shows what’s going on behind those beautiful eyes.

16. Kids grow up happier and healthier around dogs.


Studies show that kids who grow up around dogs have stronger immune systems, fewer allergies, and possibly even healthier microbiomes. Caring for a furry friend also makes kids more compassionate, happy and emotionally intelligent.

17. For the adults among us, dogs help reduce stress and keep us healthy!


Dog owners have decreased risk of heart disease and other sicknesses resulting from a stressful or sedentary lifestyle. They help us get outside and active every day – one of the keto of staying healthy!

18. Some dogs are more photogenic than others – but all are precious angels.


This isn’t so much as a scientific fact as it is an excuse to post this adorable photo.

19. When looking for your next, or first, pupper – the shelter is the way to go.


While a breeder may give you that perfect Lassie look-a-like, under their skin that pup is lacking one major thing – genetic diversity. Dogs with mixed heritage, or ‘mutts’ as we call them, are some of the healthiest, happiest and best-tempered dogs around.


I adopted my Gypsy, a four-year-old border collie, shepherd mix 3 years ago and have never looked back.


So there you have it! Share if you learned something new about your pup today!

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