9-Yr-Old Singer Surprised With Guest Judge’s Golden Buzzer After Jaw-Dropping Michael Bolton Cover.

Celine Tam first surprised”America’s Got Talent” judges two months back when she performed “My Heart Will Go On.” Naturally, the 9-year-old pint-sized singer made it to the next round of auditions.

And the second time around, she did NOT disappoint. Actress and activist Laverne Cox, was guest-hosting on the show and had no idea what to expect from the little songstress. When Celine began Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You,” it was easy to see why Laverne was so amazed.


Celine, named after Céline Dion, is from Hong Kong. She’s been singing since she was three, and it certainly shows.

During her recent appearance on “America’s Got Talent,” rather than choosing one of her namesake’s signature songs, the little girl went with something different.


She began a controlled and flawless version of “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You,” with a voice sounding far older than just nine.

As Laverne listened, you could tell that she was captivated by the tiny singer.


After Celine finished, the audience roared with applause, but the true surprise happened when the guest judge spoke about how “blown away” she was by the little girl’s performance… so much so that she gave her the golden buzzer!

Watch the video below and see Celine’s adorable reaction to getting sent straight to the live show!

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