20 Dogs Who Actually Love The UPS Driver

Sure, a lot of dogs don’t like strangers on their home turf. Or anywhere near it. Mailmen and delivery drivers know which houses those are and, well, maybe they should just stuff their pockets with chicken nuggets or something as a peace offering.

But there are also plenty of dogs out there who just looooove the people who regularly drop by their houses bearing boxes and envelopes filled with … sniff … sniffsniff … sniffsniffsniffsniffsniff … usually stuff for their owners.

While, in cartoons, dogs and mailmen are always feuding, the dogs below show that isn’t always the case!

1. Riley (l) and Toby spotted their faithful UPS driver while out on a walk and just had to stop for a few friendly licks.

The UPS driver who delivers packages to their home always leaves out some cookies for them.

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2. Doneil Kidd is so fond of these pups that he was secretly captured on video taking a selfie with them.

“I’m an animal lover,” he said. “If I can pet a dog, and make him feel good, I will.”


3. This UPS delivery driver first met this black beauty when he was just a pup.

He’s lived a long, good life and will be 10 years old this year.


4. UPS driver Dave Healy hanging out with his pal Charlie.

Who wouldn’t want to take a break from driving through Chicago traffic for a little high-competition tug-o-war?


5. Joanie Witberler doesn’t mind getting slimed by her four-legged friends.

Who wouldn’t want kisses from this lovable pooch?


6. A lot of people might be intimidated by a black German shepherd, but not Jason Higgins.

They were playing fetch, and he dropped the ball right in Jason’s truck.


7. Oliver was out for a walk with his owner when he spotted the UPS truck.

Fortunately, the UPS driver always carries around some fresh water and was happy to oblige.


8. Leo the Pitbull would always hop into Katie’s truck and refuse to get out.

Then, when Leo’s owner suddenly passed away, Katie became his new mom.



9. Another little game of tug-o-war during an office visit.

This time it’s between Sean Holland and Rufus.


10. This pup is training to be a service dog, and boy does he love his UPS driver.

So much so that she jumped in his truck. Can you drop me off at PetSmart?


11. Is that a stretch or a play bow?

Either way, it’s obvious Angus is just delighted to see his UPS deliveryman.


12. This sweet thing is so attached to her UPS driver!

“Every time I started to pull away she jumped into my truck.”


13. Look at the determined look on that sweet face!

“I’m not getting out of this truck unless you give me a treat. Or play with me. Preferably both.”

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14. These sweet Goldens are all but batting their eyelashes – think they’re flirting or just trying to get a ride?

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15. The UPS driver won’t get any gruff from these two sweethearts, Kioni and Ghost.

They’ve obviously been waiting all day for that package to arrive.

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