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Photo by Xavier - Mouton on Unsplash

There’s So Much We Can Learn From Our Littles, Mama.

Tod•dler: noun. Master procrastinator. Emotional. Fierce loyalty. Adorable human. Givers of love. Independent.

Your favorite new phrase? “ME do it, myself.” Filling up your sippy. “MYSELF.” Putting shoes on. “Me do it, myself.” Going down the stairs. “MYSELF.” Zipping your coat. “Me do it, myself!”

We are in a stage of independence, you and I. Lately, the challenges in our house center around choices. You are testing your limits. Voicing your opinions — and, my, are there opinions!

But there’s also SO much that we can learn from these tiny humans. They haven’t yet felt the societal expectations of perfection and hurry. Time means nothing to them. They don’t care about appointments or deadlines. Life is about exploring and learning.

It’s wonder and creativity.

Sometimes, in my toddler’s impeccable timing to draw out a task or sidetrack me into abandoning the dishes to play cars on the floor, he is unknowingly teaching me something. If only I would listen.

Slow down, mama.

Without a word.

I hear you, baby. Forgive me. Forgive me when I forget to slow down.

When I rush both you and I for the day’s agenda.

When I place upon you adult expectations and forget just how little you still really are.

When the frustration sets in and the annoyance comes out.

When I am in my head thinking about all the things that didn’t get done today.

When you get the furthest thing from my best.

When the phrase “in a minute” rolls off my tongue more times than I care to admit.

Because one day, much sooner than I realize, this baby of mine will become a teenager and then an adult. And I will wish for these days… Days when messy fingers and toys cover every inch of my home. I won’t find myself longing for a few moments to myself — because my home will be quiet.

And in those moments of quiet, I will be longing to remember.

The sound of little feet running up and down the halls.

The sweet roaring of laughter that exudes from your belly.

The dimples in your hands that hold mine so tightly.

The sound of your voice as you lovingly exclaim that you, me, and daddy are the “tee musketeers.”

The weight of you as you ask me to carry you in my arms.

These are the days, aren’t they? This is what life is all about. The ebb and the flow. The balancing of chaos. Growing and learning together. Thank you for reeling me back in and reminding me to savor these moments.

I’m listening, baby.

This story originally appeared on They Whine, So I Wine facebook page

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