Boy Finally Gets Puppy He’s Always Wanted & Absolutely Melts In Sweet Home Video.

Best. Surprise. Ever.

When 10-year-old Waylon wrapped things up at summer camp last month, he knew his parents had a surprise waiting for him back home. But his mom didn’t want to just give it to him because what’s the fun in that? It’s always better to draw out the suspense.

So she sits him down on the patio, hands him a letter, and tells him to read it out loud. She just has to get his reaction on video, for posterity’s sake, when he puts it all together.

waylon reading

We have a special present for you, it’s something you’ve wished for endlessly — always hoping and asking, please will you get one for me? We hope that you love her —


waylon surprised

Waylon stops and stares up at Mom, and you can just picture her standing there behind the camera, trying hard to contain her own excitement. “Read it,” she orders.

“We hope that you love her each and every day…” he starts again.

Uh oh, here come the tears…

waylon wipes tear1

…be gentle and loving in your own special way. She’ll be your best friend, the most loving of all, standing by your side whenever you call. As she grows, she will rely on you and teach responsibility, meet your new puppy, her name is Liberty!

That’s Dad’s cue! He steps out onto the patio with a Weimaraner puppy tucked under his arm!

waylons dad

Waylon’s parents must’ve been dropping some pretty heavy hints while he was away at camp, because he’s put it all together at this point and so overcome with emotion that he doesn’t even notice Dad sidling up to him until he sets little Liberty into his lap.

waylon and weimaraner

“There she is,” Mom says. “Do you love her?”

Fortunately, his expression says it all because he couldn’t even speak if he wanted to, at least now for a few long moments. A puppy must’ve been on this kid’s wish list for years, and now that his parents finally came through, it’s going to take a while for reality to sink in.

This is seriously the sweetest, most heart-warming reaction we’ve ever seen to a child setting their eyes for the first time on their new furry best friend. Watch his heart-felt reaction in the clip below, and just try not to get teary eyed yourself. Share to warm more hearts!

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