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Travis Pratt singing on America's Got Talent

Judges Are Floored When They Hear What This “Tough Guy” Decided To Sing…Incredible!

Travis Pratt is unbelievable! The reason? He exceeded everyone’s expectations in two unbelievable ways during his audition on America’s Got Talent.


First, the tough guy of some 215 lbs of pure muscle chose to sing opera! What?! I was almost as shocked as Howie Mandel… almost.

Howie Day totally shocked by Travis Pratt


His opera voice is absolutely wonderful, and especially good considering he’s never performed this hidden talent in public.


But the audition was only one of the ways Pratt blew everyone away this night. The second came with a surprise twist at the end. With his girlfriend on stage, Pratt took the mic from the judges and dropped to one knee to propose. Everyone couldn’t believe what was happening before their eyes, especially Pratt’s girlfriend:

Travis Pratt proposing to girlfriend on America's Got Talent


Watch the entire drama unfold and please share to inspire your friends!

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