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It Looks Like A Tiny Sleeping Bag, But This Invention Has Helped Save 150,000 Babies.

Lakshamma, pictured below, is a part of the Lambani tribe in India. She lives over 15 miles from any healthcare facility and her family makes $4 a week, when manual labor is available.

Like most mothers, Lakshamma wanted her baby to be healthy and happy, but her daughter came early and weighed only 3.5 lbs.

For someone without proper medical care, this spells major trouble.

incubator 1


A baby of this size often can’t survive room temperatures. It must have thermal control. But Lakshamma could not pay the $5 per day required for her child to stay in the NICU.  She thought she would have to go home and watch her daughter die.

But instead, her doctor offered her the option of taking her baby home in a special warmer that would allow her to live and grow safely at home. This Embrace Warmer saved her daughter for only $1.5 per day.

incubator combined

The two babies pictured above were kept alive by the new warmers as well. The baby on the left weighed under 2 pounds when born, and after a week in the NICU was able to go home in the embrace warmer at 2.2 pounds.

Mom’s like Shabnam and Neelama above, are grateful. Thanks to the option of the embrace warmers, these moms were able to leave the hospital without feeling they were taking their children home to die. The warmers have allowed thousands of premature babies destined to die without thermal control, the opportunity at life.

The Embrace Warmer provides the same results as an incubator for less than 1% of the cost of a standard incubator. This new option has given 150,000 babies the chance to live.

There are 3 types of warmers, each serving a slightly different purpose.

incubator options combined

Embrace Care                                              Little Lotus                                                     Embrace Nest

The Little Lotus swaddles and blankets were designed to for the U.S. market to raise funds for babies in need. For every product bought through that line, a product is sent to a baby in the developing world.

Started by a team of students in a Stanford MBA class, Embrace Innovations has received awards from the TED Fellows program, The Economist, BBC News, and continue to get recognition. Co-founder, Jane Chen said, “The goal is to help 1 million babies, but like with a lot of projects, funding is an issue. That’s one of the reasons behind us launching Little Lotus.”

Watch the video below to learn more about how Embrace Warmers save children around the world and share it to spread the news.

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