He’s Got A Shed Full Of Old Doors, Now Watch How He Turns Them Into Beautiful Works Of Art

Man with old door

Watching the process of a master craftsman create or build anything is a truly mesmerizing thing. So this video of Stefaan de Croock of Belgium, better known as Stroock, building this commissioned piece is something you need to watch.

What’s so captivating here is that the process of an artist’s work is itself a story, and no story inspires more than redemption. This is probably why we’re so drawn to underdog and comeback stories, or even artists who use old junk to make their pieces.

Stefaan’s process tells this story, as he picks through and carefully chooses his material from a pile of old, discarded, seemingly useless doors. He precisely measures and cuts each piece, shaping it into something new that provides utility. And finally, he installs the piece on a giant, open wall face, and we get to see his final vision take shape — the transformation of the doors as junk into some seriously cool street art.

The talent and vision that it takes to transform old, useless doors into such an awesome piece of art that everyone can appreciate is seriously impressive and the process is truly awesome to just watch! If you’d like to see more awesome work from Stroock, check out his Vimeo channel or his website, which feature many more works by him.

Check out the video below!

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