Abandoned Puppies Too Scared To Leave Cave, So Rescuer Crawls 18 Feet Into The Earth To Save Them.

Dogs may be “man’s best friend,” but not many of us would jump up and volunteer to crawl through 18 feet of cramped, collapsible space to save a group of feral puppies. Yet that’s exactly what one man did.

It all started at a funeral where the Hope for Paws rescue organization had gathered to honor a deceased colleague, Lisa M. Ashe. As they reflected on their friend’s love of animals and commitment to the organization, the group received a call about “paws” in distress– a group of stray puppies who had been abandoned by their mother. Feeling inspired by Lisa’s legacy, they set off to find the stray puppies.

Soon, however, the group encountered a small obstacle — literally.


At the back of a tight, 18-foot cave, lived a litter of puppies who never before made human contact. Rescuer Eldad Hagar and friends tried to tempt the puppies from the cave with bits of hamburger, but the puppies panicked when they saw one of their siblings “captured” by the team.

“My god, this is going to be tricky,” Eldad recalled thinking upon meeting the multiple obstacles.

Despite the challenge, Eldad was committed to honoring Lisa’s memory and values. He knew he’d do whatever it took to ensure the safety of the puppies.

So, since the puppies were too scared to come out, Eldad decided he’d go to them.


After digging out some minor adjustments so he could make his way inside, Eldad found the terrified litter and pulled them out, one by one.


It was a long, intense day of problem-solving and hands-on work, but, at the end, all nine puppies found safe haven at a nearby animal hospital where they met their new surrogate mother.


Watch the video below to see more.

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