Cop And 2-Year-Old Are Unlikely Best Friends, But The Story Behind Their Friendship Is Incredible.

cop holding hand of little girl in pink dress

One year ago, a police officer in Rowelett, TX saved one lucky, little girl’s life. 1-year-old Bexley Norvell was choking on a penny and had stopped breathing; her mother called 911, and officer Patrick Ray responded just in time.


In a 2015 interview with CBS Local, just after the incident, Ray said he was only doing his job, and that he feels lucky to have been the one to help: “What makes it special is, from here on out, I get to see her grow up!”

Now, one year later, Ray is getting to do just that, at a tea party hosted by Bexley’s mom, Tammy.

little girl has tea party with cop
Chelle Cates Photography

Tammy’s mom wanted to throw the tea party to thank Ray and as a way to remember that special day, and she told KTBS3 that she got the idea of having the party photographed after the Dallas shooting.

Little girl with cookie at tea partyChelle Cates Photography

“With everything that happened with Dallas, we just wanted to show [policemen in] a different light,” she said. “There’s bad apples in every line of work, but there aren’t heroes in every line of work.”

Little Girl Tea Party With Cop
Chelle Cates Photography

Said Ray of the tea party, “It was an invite I couldn’t pass up.”

Little Girl And Her Cop Best Friend
Chelle Cates Photography

Watch the interview below, and share this heartwarming story today!

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