11-Yr-Old Military K9 Passes Away, Then Is Honored With Hero’s Funeral.

Dogs are some of the most admirable animals on Earth. They are incredibly loving and loyal to their owners, and though they often are remembered for being a goofy animal, they are actually quite intelligent when faced with a task that involves defending the humans they love.


For many dogs, this character aspect is put to use when they are serving as a Contract Working Dog (CWD) with the military. These military K9’s work hard to defend and protect the men they work with and deserve just as much recognition and love as the dog who has always lived his life as a house pet.

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Nero was a military K9 who served in Afghanistan for seven years as a CWD. After working hard to defend his country and protect the men he worked with, he was sent back to the U.S. to retire in a loving home that would spoil this 8-year-old pup. While flying in the airplane on the way home, there was an unexpected pressure problem that left Nero close to death. He was rushed to a vet shortly after the plane landed and it is thanks to the quick work of that vet that Nero was able to live.

After his near death experience, Nero was sent to Mission K9 Rescue in Texas. This organization works hard to rescue, heal, and find homes for retired military dogs. Nero was the first military dog that Mission K9 Rescue received, although he was not with them for too long after receiving all of the care and rehabilitation he so desperately needed.

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Thankfully, Nero was able to be placed in a home quickly and find a momma in Judie. During the two years that he lived with his new family, he was given tons and tons of affection and love, despite his growing health issues. Every year Nero was honored with a special birthday party just for him, including a cake with candles.

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This amazing and incredibly hard working dog passed away in October 2016 after living a full life of 11 years. After working incredibly hard in the military for most of his life, how honoring to have died in the care of a peaceful home who valued his contributions to the country so much.

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After he passed away his owner Judie wrote a special message for her hero:

“A hero died on this day, Oct. 26, 2016. Let us celebrate his life and honor his name. May we raise up prayers of thanks for his life and ask for eternal peace and love for him. Hero, Nero.”

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