Tiny Lamb “Panics” When Mom Calls — But Her Next Move Has Internet Cracking Up.

little lamb looks for mom

We all know the struggle: We call someone’s name but they don’t hear us — even if they’re only a few feet away.

So we try louder, repeatedly. Eventually, we either resort to shouting, or they look over before we lose all semblance of composure. Though it’s easy to see that Bea the little lamb knows she’s being called, she’s incredibly confused as to where exactly her mom’s voice is coming from.

“Where’s Bea?” asks the lamb’s owner.


Seconds later, she clatters out of a side door like she’s wearing tap shoes, skids into the hallway, regains her footing, and disappears through the opposite doorway. At least she’s trying to respond!


“Where’s Bea?” mom asks again. The baby prances back across the hallway, trying her previous location once more.


Put this adorable scenario on a loop and you get the gist. Bea, for the life of her, cannot figure out where her mother is.

As prey animals, sheep rely heavily on their sense of hearing to stay out of trouble. They can turn their ears toward sounds, but the tones arrive at their ears at different times and volumes. This might explain why Bea is so confused, but whatever the reason, we can’t get enough of the cutie.

Watch her in the video below and share to spread laughs!

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