Man Was Found Frozen To Death After 12 Hours, But One Doctor Denied Protocol And Did The Amazing.

One 25-year-old from Pennsylvania would have died if it weren’t for a doctor who went with his gut rather than the facts.


Gerald Coleman, the emergency department physician on duty at the Lehigh Valley Hospital got a call about Justin Smith last February who had just been found frozen in a snowy embankment.

Don Smith came across his son after searching for hours, but it seemed that it was too late when he was finally found. Justin had been lying in the cold for nearly 12 hours. It was 5 degrees below zero and snowing.

“I looked over and there was Justin laying there,”Smith told WNEP. “He was blue. His face – he was lifeless. I checked for a pulse. I checked for a heartbeat. There was nothing.â€

Paramedics on site thought him to be dead and only needed a physician to declare him so. But Dr. Coleman saw hope.

Though some questioned his sanity, Dr. Coleman insisted that Justin still had a chance. So, with blood transfusions, extremity losses and a whole lot of fight, Justin survived.

Watch the beautiful story of a doctor who wouldn’t give up, and the life that he saved.

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