20 Hilarious Online Orders That People Instantly Regretted

online shopping regrets list

Making a purchase on the web is always a bit of a gamble.

The thing about buying things off of the internet is that you never really know what they actually look like until they’re right in front of you — and boy, can photos (and merchants) be deceiving. Just ask the 20 people who are currently filled with regret after their online orders went spectacularly wrong.

1. “‘Cute’ felt pig my mother ordered online. Received that ham hock on the right.”


2. “My wife ordered a backpack from Amazon to use as a carry-on. Cat for scale.”

cat sized backpack

3. When that nice couch you ordered turns out to just be a couple of pillows thrown together over a cheap frame.


4. Frankly, this is a little terrifying.

bad sully costume

5. “Never buy a cat tree from Amazon.”

cat tree

6. Maybe the seller just decided they’d rather make a mashup of “The X-Files” and “ET”?

amazon patch

7. Deformed shark do do do do do do.

shark earrings

8. “Anyone know where I can order a really small knife and fruit to go with my new sharpener?”

9. Riddle us this: How do you capture photo evidence of earrings you never received?

missing earrings

10. The resemblance to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan is simply uncanny.

royal wedding commemorative plate

11. “Ordered stuff for my Instant Pot… Box shows what I ordered… SURPRISE! Got a napkin holder.” And a filthy one at that!

napkin holder

12. News flash for whoever sold this rug: size matters!

christmas rug

13. Deadpool or Derp-pool? We’ll let you decide.

deadpool knockoff

14. To be fair, he’s rocking the heck out of that dress.

wrong order

15. Perspective is everything when it comes to Airbnb listings.

airbnb perspective

16. “You wouldn’t believe how noisy these pants are.”

noisy pants

17. “Ordered a cape, got a sweater.”

cape sweater

18. Canvas and paper are not interchangeable words!

canvas paper painting

19. Who was this mask intended for anyway, a shrunken head?!

tiny face mask

20. “I didn’t expect it to look like pig feet.”

mermaid blanket

They say high expectations lead to disappointment, but these are just ridiculous! At least these items serve one purpose well: cracking us up.

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