Handicapped Man Answered “Drummer Wanted” Ad, His Performance Shocked Everyone!

Dean Zimmer may be in a wheelchair, but his spirit is definitely NOT handicapped.


The drummer has arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder that makes it difficult to move his joints. Not only did Dean pursue his dream and ignore skepticisms, but he actually made it work to his advantage – due to his limited range of motion, his drumming style maximizes efficiency.

His musical career has lasted about 30 years – opening for bands like Kansas and Styx – and he’s still going strong. In this video, you can see Dean hauling up his drum to the stage withe the help of no one while in his wheelchair – that kind perseverance and alludes to just a portion of his passion.

“Play from the heart, man.” Zimmer says in the video. “That’s about all I ever knew.”

Watch below and be inspired by Dean’s incredible attitude!


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