Thousands Of French Protesters Crowded The Street To Sing, Their Song Took My Breath Away.

In January of 2015, thousands of protesters gathered together for Paris’ Marche Républicaine, a march organized to show harmony after three days of attacks that left 17 dead. France’s Interior Ministry said the country’s rally for unity against terrorism Sunday was the largest demonstration in France’s history.

The rally was actually so crowded that people couldn’t even move at one point… then something amazing happened. Here’s YouTube user Lam Hua’s description of this video:

“As no one could advance, my neighbor opened her windows and started to play classic tunes, to the delight of the audience. A great moment.”

And what did she put on? John Lennon’s infamous “Imagine.” If you know the song, its easy to agree it’s one of those songs that can bring a feeling of peace during tragic times.

THOUSANDS of people united to sing this one song.

To see this bring together so many filled with the same sadness is, oddly, a thing of beauty.

Watch below and share this if you believe in the power of unity! 

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