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Army Couple Waiting For Adoption Get Biggest Surprise From Firefighter Family.

For families in the process of adopting a child, the moment they’ll finally be able to bring their new son or daughter home can sometimes feel as if it will never come.

One couple from Baltimore, Maryland, has been waiting a year to become parents. Michael and Karen Faherty are 29-year-old Army veterans who recently ended their service commitments to focus on starting a family. But when their big day came in February, they weren’t expecting it – or the accompanying fanfare – at all.

baby surprise

In 2018, the Fahertys applied to adopt a baby with Adoption Makes a Family. They’ve been working with the agency’s executive director, Dean Kirschner, in the months since to find a child. This particular adoption agency is known for dropping in unannounced to surprise couples with their new children. Michael and Karen were no exception.

When a family chose the Fahertys to be their newborn’s new mom and dad, Dean wanted to make the introduction as special and unforgettable as possible. Michael is a firefighter, so Dean enlisted the help of those who graduated from the Anne Arundel County Fire Training Academy alongside him.


“I thought, let’s get firetrucks, let’s get ambulances. We’re going to come down the street with screaming sirens and race to the house with the baby,” Dean said.

On February 16, the Fahertys were at home, anticipating a supposed inspection from the agency. That’s when they heard sirens blaring and familiar chanting – a song from the academy. Dozens of men from the Anne Arundel County Fire Department, Baltimore City Fire Department, and Ferndale Volunteer Fire Company marched their way up to Fahertys’s door.


Then Dean followed, carrying the bundle of joy in his arms.

dean carries baby

“Here’s your baby boy,” he said as he met Michael and Karen at the door. They had no idea a family had chosen them, so you can imagine their shock.

new family

Then, as if that surprise wasn’t incredible enough, the firefighters had one more gift in store. They led the couple out to the ambulance parked on the curb, which was filled with baby supplies.

baby supplies

Michael and Karen finally got to hold their son, Michael Terrance Faherty III, after all the fuss died down. They’ve been in love ever since. “Little Michael, he makes our family complete,” Michael said.

new parents

Congratulations to the happy new parents, who have been waiting for their baby boy for so long. Their hearts must be bursting right now.

Watch the moment they meet their new son in the video below, and share to spread the love.

Congratulations Michael Faherty on your baby boy! Major shoutout to Class 57, Together as one!

Posted by Nick Dooley on Saturday, February 16, 2019

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