Tow Truck Driver’s Miraculous Nighttime Discovery Ends Up Saving Old Lady’s Life.

tow truck miracle

Miracles do happen here!” That’s more than the motto of Chris Miracle’s family business, Miracle Towing and Recovery – it’s a proven truth.


The Florida tow truck driver never realized how fitting his surname really was until just recently. He was working the graveyard shift one night in April when something caught his eye. Driving on a county road in Manntown, Chris saw flashing lights through the thick brush ahead.

chris miracle

Chris initially passed by in his truck, but something kept telling him to turn around. “I went about a mile down the road and I was like, ‘This doesn’t look right,'” he recalled.

flashing lights car

So Chris turned around… and he was glad he did. Behind the Manntown Church and a little away from the road, a car had driven halfway into a creek. And it wasn’t empty; there was a 77-year-old woman trapped inside.

stranded car

The poor lady had reportedly had an adverse reaction to medication, causing her to lose control of her car. She didn’t have a cell phone and couldn’t open the door, so she simply waited with the hazard lights on, hoping someone would notice.

stranded car

Fortunately for her, Chris, who is also a volunteer firefighter, did. After calling for help, he used his winch to pull the car out of the creek, then freed the woman.

tow truck car

Who knows how long the woman would have waited for help if Chris hadn’t been driving that night? The only reason he found her was because of the hazard lights, which wouldn’t have been spotted in daylight. While the woman was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, she’s fine now. It’s all thanks to the guy who lived up to his namesake.

“God’s work,” Chris humbly said. “Right place, right time. It was meant to be.”

Learn more about Chris’s “miracle” rescue in the video below, and don’t forget to share this incredible story with your friends and family.

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