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carey price and anderson

Young Fan Who Lost Mom To Cancer Gets Incredible Surprise From Pro Hockey Player.

The best professional athletes always remember that without their fans, they wouldn’t be able to make their living playing the sport they love.

Montreal Canadiens player Carey Price understands this concept better than most. Four months ago Carey was practicing with the team when he had the opportunity to meet Anderson Whitehead, an11-year-old boy whose mother had recently died from cancer.

price hugs anderson

Laura McKay of Brantford, Ontario, was just 44 years old when she passed away from cancer. It was the mom’s dying wish that her son, a lifelong Canadiens fan, would be able to meet his idol. Through her husband’s connections, Anderson’s aunt, Tammy Whitehead, arranged for the boy to meet the Montreal Canadiens’ goalie, and the emotional moment left a lasting impression on all who saw the viral video. During their post-practice meet-and-greet, Carey showered the boy with kindness and gifts, including signed hockey sticks, a puck, and the jersey off of his own back.

“Words cannot describe how much this meant to Anderson and we are forever grateful to this wonderful man,” wrote Anderson’s aunt Tammy Anderson when she uploaded the clip to Facebook.

***UPDATE #2***Anderson is raising money to support the hospice that took care of his mother….it is a wonderful, caring facility and if you would like to sponsor him for the Stedman Community Hospice HIKE FOR HOSPICE here is the link: thank you to everyone for all your kind words ❤️❤️UPDATE** We want to say a huge THANK YOU and MERCI BEAUCOUP to everyone for all your very kind comments. Anderson is competely blown away that this post has gone viral and sooooooo happy with all the love he’s getting….thank you all!! I wanted to share this video of my nephew Anderson, meeting his idol, Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens. Last year as Anderson’s mom was dying of cancer she promised she would do everything she could to make his dream come true. Unfortunately, she passed away before that could happen but through some very kind and generous friends we were able to arrange a visit to the morning skate. As you can see in the video, Carey Price was a class act not only giving Anderson two signed sticks, a signed puck, signing his jersey and mini stick but he also gave him the biggest hug. Words cannot describe how much this meant to Anderson and we are forever grateful to this wonderful man.

Posted by Tammy Whitehead on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Anderson’s story could have ended right there, but as the hockey league geared up for the 2019 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, they knew they had to include the little man who had won the hearts of hockey fans everywhere. Dubbing Tammy’s video their “Best Feel-Good Moment of the Year,” presenter Camille Kostek explained that “sharing the joy of hockey with fans will always be first and foremost.”

In an effort to “give back,” the NHL invited Anderson on stage for what they told him was a video conference with Carey. Camille directed the child to look at the video screen, where Carey appeared to tell him, “I just wanted to say that your mother was a special person, and sharing that moment with you is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It was very special to me.”


Carey then shocks the audience by stopping the video, disappearing from sight, while Camille wonders aloud where he’s gone. Seconds later Carey shows up on stage in the flesh to give an in-person hug to his awestruck young fan. Anderson seems completely overwhelmed by the sudden appearance and starts to cry, but Carey could not have been sweeter to the sobbing boy. “It’s okay, buddy,” Carey tells him repeatedly. “We’re gonna have some fun. It’s all okay.”


Once Anderson has gotten over the surprise Carey gives him two fantastic presents. “I have two things for you,” the player explains. “One is this jersey, and the second is a question. Do you want to go to the All-Star game next year?”

Without hesitation, Anderson leans into the microphone and gives a definitive yes! While everyone is laughing at the child’s reaction you can see audience members wiping away tears as they take in the emotional scene. The crowd jumped to their feet to give Anderson and Carey a standing ovation.


This is something that Anderson will never forget, and if it helps to ease his heartbreak for even a moment it’s all worthwhile. It’s wonderful to see that the NHL and Carey understand that to their young fans they are larger than life. A gesture like this one is so easy for the players to make, but for the fans, it can be life changing!

Watch the emotional video below, and don’t forget to share.

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