Tiny Cancer Patients Show World What True Friendship Is.

Anytime a picture of a child with cancer shows up, the first descriptive words to pop into the brain tend to be “couragous,” “strong,” and “determined.” These are all absolutely true, but they’re also still kids who show “generosity” and “compassion” – particularly to fellow patients.


Children who are forced to undergo intensive treatments for diseases like cancer have to grow up way too fast. It’s easy to forget that they’re still little and like any other kiddo their age, they just want to play with their friends.


Recently, a video of two tiny cancer patients was posted online and shared across various platforms. In it, a little boy is wearing a mask and is helping his little friend, who is also wearing a mask, get cozy in a wagon which has an IV station attached to it.

The little boy takes blankets and tucks his friend in while the two of them giggle in the process. The little girl is laying on a unicorn pillow and even though her smile is covered by her mask, her eyes are lit up as her friend wheels her around the hospital floor.


It’s no shock that the sweet video of friendship has touched thousands of people (and left most of them with tears in their eyes). Seeing these small kids, who are fighting such a serious medical diagnosis, simply play together and look out for each other the only way they know how is bound to warm even the coldest heart.


The video has racked up views, reactions, and shares, but it’s also gained the attention of many fellow childhood cancer survivors or parents of them. It’s a reminder of the little community these kids build together and how their friendships with each other will be unlike any other they will ever experience.


Grab some tissues and then watch the sweet video of the purest friendship, ever. Once you have your composure, be sure to share this with your friends!

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