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Mom Is Overcome With Emotion When She Sees Children’s Book Her Daughter Wrote For Her.

Oftentimes children don’t realize the depth of a mother’s love until they become parents themselves. Suddenly they realize just how much their mom sacrificed for them over the years and how, if given the chance, she’d do it all again.

That’s exactly what happened to Amanda Doster, who then spent seven years working on a way to thank her mom. When Amanda presented the gift, her mom’s reaction said more than words ever could.


The gift was a children’s book called “Millions of Pennies Worth.” Amanda wrote it both to honor her mother and to document the special relationship the two have.

The self-published book tells the story of a mom and daughter and uses phrases Amanda’s own mom said to her as she grew up.


Amanda posted a video of the moment her mom opens what looks like any other present. In the clip, her mom looks a bit confused as she pulls away the wrapping paper. But as soon as she sees the book’s cover, she recognizes the phrase in the title and knows what the story is about.


Amanda’s mom carefully lifts the cover and reads every page, completely ignoring what’s happening around her. As she reads, she cries, laughs, and smiles, likely remembering many precious moments she shared with her daughter.


Most likely, the small memories that make up the book are things Amanda’s mom never imagined her daughter would treasure into adulthood. For Amanda, they highlight the times she felt closest to her mom, when she was simply having fun and being reminded how loved she is.

The book has captured the hearts of more than just the woman who inspired it. It’s currently a No. 1 New Release on Amazon, and people are flocking to buy it as a baby shower gift for the moms-to-be in their lives.


Amanda’s book puts into words how so many new parents feel about their own mothers. It also serves as an important reminder to every mama who struggles to live up to that Pinterest-perfect standard. It’s not the Internet-worthy adventures that your children will cherish — it’s all the little moments that show them how much they’re loved.

Check out Amanda’s surprise for her mom in the video below, and make sure to share this story with anyone who could use a smile today!

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