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Two hands with pointer fingers near touching. Imulates Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam

6 Iconic Images Blend Together In 50 Seconds Of Artistic Genius

There’s so much going on in the world around us that we are completely unaware of. But how can we fix that? How can we make those connections and see those relationships between separated things when we have no idea that they even exist? The answer: you have to create them yourself!

Create, Imagine, Fantasize, Conceptualize..give yourself the opportunity to build that one bridge that no one has seen yet! It’s all about thinking outside of the box! So expand your horizons, turn your perspective, and design the unimaginable.

Here’s an option: Studies show that taking breaks and going outside can boost creativity, so take a break and get outdoors! A breath of fresh air may be just what you need.

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