5-Year-Old Insists She Will Never Eat Meat Again, Her Adorable Tirade Is Melting Hearts Everywhere.

You may remember the viral video that made its way into the hearts of millions last year when a 3-year-old boy realized the meal in front of him came from an animal. He decided to go vegetarian on the spot. His simple logic was eye opening and honestly quite convicting.


The video below carries the same weight. A 5-year-old girl was horrified to learn that the bounty on the table was harvested from “the animals.” The little one simply couldn’t wrap her mind around the way most in the world chooses to cook and eat her furry and feathered friends… and her logic just may make you reconsider yours. Check out this excerpt of dialogue from the video.

“I don’t want to eat them ever again. I will eat whatever is on the table but not chicken or meat.” “Why don’t you want to do that, her mom asked. “Because they’re animals and I like animals.”

Mom then tried to gain a little insight into her daughter’s aversion to eating meat, and the little girl’s logic was surprisingly insightful. With tears streaming from her eyes she said, “Because they’re nice and I know that we cook them sometimes which is not very nice.”

Well played little one. Well played.

I’m not quite ready to give up steaks, but maybe this 5-year-old is on to something.

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