15 Cats With Zero Regard For The Laws Of Gravity

While cats look cute and cuddly, they also come equipped with incredibly sharp claws that help them climb trees, capture prey, and defend themselves from predators in the wild.


Thanks to those claws and their innate sense of balance, felines don’t have to follow the rules of, well, anything! That must be why they enjoy using furniture as scratching posts, climbing into the tightest spaces imaginable, and, every so often, straight-up defying the laws of physics. Even the chillest house cats leave no height undiscovered and no boundary untested. These 15 gravity-defying creatures will prove it!

1. “Why yes, I would like to go outside. Thank you for noticing.”

2. Just hanging around. You?

3. You know it’s hot out when the cat starts to melt.

4. Are we sure his feet aren’t made of Velcro?

5. This is not an optical illusion, folks. It’s all real!

6. Sit on top of the sofa? Where’s the fun in that?!

7. Working from home is not easy, especially with clingy coworkers like these!

8. Watch how she flies through the air with the greatest of ease….

9. Somebody call a vet! Or maybe an exorcist.

10. Hover cat powers activated.

11. He’s backed himself into a corner and he doesn’t even know it.

12. “It’s fine. I’ve got it. Carry on with your business and ignore me, human.”

13. How is this even possible? Have we wandered into a flight simulator with zero gravity?

14. No thumbs? No problem!

15. Just popping in to say hello.

Cats may be weird, but we love them for all their quirks! It must be nice to be able to bend the physical world to your every whim, but we wouldn’t know. We’re just here to feed, pet, cuddle, and love these magnificent acrobats, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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