man gives florida woman last generator hurricane irma

Generous Man Gives Frantic Woman The Last Generator Before Irma & She Breaks Down.

It was her last resort.

Pam Brekke raced 3o miles from her home in Sanford, Florida, to Orlando, hoping to help her ailing father survive Hurricane Irma. Her dad is on an oxygen machine that requires electricity to function. The record-breaking storm will likely knock out power for at least a few days, so a generator could mean life or death for her dad.

Pam ran towards the generator aisle, but the moment she laid eyes on the shelves her heart dropped. Every single one had been bought by other Floridians.


The woman broke down in tears as the reality began to set in…but then a man named Ramon Santiago tapped her on the shoulder.

Santiago saw Pam’s tears and surmised that her need for a generator was greater than his, so he offered her the one he planned to purchase.


“She need the generator,” Ramon, who is not a native English speaker, said. “It’s ok. No worry for them.”

Pam spent the next several moments embracing Ramon as he comforted her saying, “It’s ok…everything will be fine.”

Posted by Nancy Alvarez, WFTV on Thursday, September 7, 2017

We’ve seen the people of this country, of every race, religion, nationality, and creed come together these past weeks in the fallout from Hurricane Harvey — and we’re not surprised to see such kindness again. Though we wish this human kindness would show its face when times are good, it’s wonderful to know that it’s still there in the end.

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