guitarist plays during surgery

Nurse Films As Patient Plays Guitar During His Own Brain Surgery

Last year, Indian musician Abhishek Prasad began to notice a strange stiffness in his fingers when he played guitar.

At first, he thought it was because of over-practice. Doctors told him he had muscle fatigue and gave Abhishek painkillers and multivitamins. But when his hand muscles began spasming only when he played guitar, a neurologist diagnosed him with what’s commonly referred to as “musician’s dystonia.”

In order to treat dystonia, doctors conducted surgery on Abhishek’s brain during which they “burned” different circuits.


Amazingly, Abhishek was kept awake during surgery; not only that, doctors needed him to bring his guitar and play throughout so they could make sure his body responded correctly to the operation.

Abhishek vividly remembers every detail of the procedure, although he felt no pain thanks to local anesthesia.

“He was fully awake all through, and the result was available on the operating table because his fingers had started moving normally on the guitar,” explained one doctor.


And it worked! As the surgery went on, Abhishek felt a difference in his playing. “By the sixth, burn, my fingers opened up. I was normal on the operating table itself,” he recalled.

Now Abhishek is as good as new. It’s truly amazing to see how far medical technology has come!

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