Teen Magician “Messes Up” Card Trick, But Judges’ Jaws Drop When Truth Is Revealed.

It’s magic folks.

Henry Richardson was inspired to pursue magic after watching America’s Got Talent regularly with his father. The duo always had a blast cheering on magicians, and Henry decided to try his luck at slight of hand.

But when Henry was 10 years old his father passed away from lung cancer and he had to give up magic because it reminded him of his father.


Then, after some time, Henry realized that magic had a positive influence and decided to give his dream another shot.

Now 15-years-old, Henry got his big chance on America’s Got Talent. He nailed his first audition last month, sending him straight to the Judge Cuts.

For his next act, just before the quarter finals, Henry really stepped up his game. Through a series of ‘impossible’ scenarios Henry was able to make a signed card appear in the most unlikely place.

Check out the amazing illusion in the video below!

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