“The Next Ed Sheeran” Gets Golden Buzzer After Performing Original Song With A Powerful Message.

The similarities between America’s Got Talent contestant Chase Goehring and superstar Ed Sheeran are striking.

Both are in their 20’s (Chase is 21 and Ed, 26), both are singer-songwriters and guitarists, their musical style is similar, and– of course– they’re both gingers. It’s no wonder that– after only 2 performances– people are calling Chase “the next Ed Sheeran.”

But, while he’s surely flattered by the comparison, Chase’s main concern with his most recent performance is himself. “This song is called ‘A Capella,'” says Chase in the video below. “It’s really about me. I know I did a song about somebody else the first time, but this song is about me.”

Chase is referring to his first audition on the show when he performed a tear-jerking original number about wanting to save a friend from an unhealthy relationship. This song, however, is much more cheeky. It’s all about his approach to the music industry– the kind of artist he wants to be– and we have to say, it’s pretty darn refreshing!

From an endearing ginger joke, to his passionate stance on keeping high morals, this song will have you saying, “Ed Sheeran who??”

There’s a reason why record producer DJ Khaled is so quick to slam his golden buzzer for the outstanding young artist.

@djkhaled’s #GoldenBuzzer. This is just the beginning for @chasegoehring. 🌟🌟🌟 #AGT #JudgeCuts

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