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Comedian Moms Get Serious About Mom-Shaming, “It Starts With Us.”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adult or a child, being excluded hurts. At one point or another, we’ve all felt the sting of walking into a social setting — be it a playground or neighborhood block party — where everyone seems to know everyone else, yet no one is willing to break away from their friends to say hello and make you feel welcome.

It’s easier for children to break the ice — all they have to do is say something along the lines of, “wanna play?” But for adults, especially those who are more reserved, it’s not that simple.

Cat Belknap and Nat Telfer (aka Cat & Nat) make it their mission to find the humor in anything and everything about being a mom.


But recently, they addressed a more serious topic: the issue of showing compassion toward other moms. In today’s age, women are quick to write a mean comment on a mother’s social post or snub a new mom in playgroup. But whatever the reason, they say, being inclusive and showing compassion “starts with us,” and setting an early example for our children will serve them well down the road.

Read the powerful posts below:


“But remember it starts with us- To all the moms who are seasoned at dropping kids off and navigating the playground, remember there is whole bunch of new moms who don’t have a clue. They’ll walk in almost as nervous as their kids, they’ll look around and see that almost everyone knows each other. They won’t know the protocols of how it all works, they’ll be looking around, unsure. It’s a thing. The playground, some will have to bolt to work and won’t be able to linger while everyone else does. Some will be dealing with the one kid who’s a runner or full on screamer, some will be near tears because it’s her first time ever dropping off her kid to a place she has no control over. Just remember, to smile, say hi, introduce yourself, help her. Because we can preach out the wazoo to our children about every single nicety but showing them in real time is way more impactful.”


In another post, the women talk about mom-shaming and how it all comes back to compassion:


“We’ve never really understood the drama that happens amongst moms, the mom shaming, the mom wars….any of it. Here’s the thing – how can we expect our children to be kind to others when we can’t do that ourselves? Let’s all remember that every single one of us is doing it differently but we all love our kids the exact same. Let’s remember that smiling at moms as we pass them does nothing but make someone maybe have a better day, it’s telling another mom she’s doing a good job because she most likely won’t hear it anywhere else , its just about little moments of kindness that make such a big difference. And if you feel so inclined tag a mom who you think is doing a great job”

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