dogs in shark costumes

21 Of The Cutest Dogs Who Wish They Were Sharks

Attention all readers! Let it be known that the infamous Shark Week has officially begun.

To celebrate the yearly airing of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, dog owners around the world decided to dress their pups in the most ferocious of attire. Though we’re sure most of the pups had no clue how scary they looked, we trembled in fear whilst assembling this list of the fierce, toothy creatures.

Check them out in the list below… if you dare.

1) Who knew being a shark could be so cozy?

2) Alvin is a Hammerhead

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3) The worlds newest, rarest, cutest shark alive

4) It’s barknado!!!

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5) “Heard Michael Phelps wanted to race a shark – I’m ready.”

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6) Ginger shark

7) Because shark week 🐕 🦈