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Editor’s Picks: Our Top 20 Animal Stories You Don’t Want To Miss

Sometimes all you need is a few sweet animal stories to perk up your day!

If that’s the case for you, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered 20 of our favorite stories from the past year that feature fur babies we think you’ll love.

1. The story of a sweet UPS driver who insists on snapping a picture with every pup he meets on his delivery route.

2. Bentley, a toddler who was born with a cleft lip, adopted a 2-month-old puppy with the same condition.

3. The creative way Shug’s parents got him excited for the arrival of his puppy brother will melt your heart!

4. Lily Mae’s gorgeous maternity photo shoot is unforgettable.

5. The best video series starring Chunk, a groundhog who shamelessly chows down on veggies from his new friend’s garden.

6. The adorable video of Braxton, a 2-year-old who likes to howl along with his pet husky.


7. The unique friendship between Cleo the cat and Samson the dog.

8. Videos of Bluenjy, a French bulldog who uses his paws to eat like a human.

9. These stunning photos of Milo and his teeny, tiny friends, monarch butterflies.

10. This nanny cam footage of 2-year-old Finn getting out of his bed to snuggle up with his pup on the floor.

11. Anastasia Pagonis, a Paralympian with a visual impairment, and her guide dog. She said he is “the best thing ever.”

12. A sweet dog named Roman, who drags his own bed across the room so he can comfort his sick brother.

13. A story of friendship between a human and a curious goose named Honk.

14. Meet Joseph, who spends half of his income feeding wild parakeets in the name of humanity and love.

15. A bride and her pup have the most adorable “first look” photos on her wedding day.

16. Mini the Chihuahua’s determination to make a newly-adopted boy feel safe around dogs.

17. Aiden’s gentle, loving method of waking up his blind, deaf dog each day.

18. When a pup gets spooked by a thunderstorm, his tiny human rushes to his side to comfort him.

19. Cpl. Byung Kang pays it forward by adopting the bomb-sniffing dog who saved his life.

20. A professional diver fearlessly frees sharks from fishing hooks in their mouths.

We can’t get enough of these adorable faces and precious relationships. Animals really do make the world a better place!

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