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Family Has Sweetest Reunion With Beloved Dog They Lost During Car Accident.

Being involved in a car accident is stressful enough, but to lose your dog in the midst of it all is just plain awful.

That’s what happened to Meredith Luckett’s parents as they drove through downtown Nashville, Tennessee. A minivan hit the back of their SUV, blowing out the back windows and throwing their 200-pound Irish wolfhound from the car.

The family was in shock as they looked around after the accident and didn’t see their beloved dog. Fergus was last seen limping away from the crash, but no one knew where he ended up.

So Meredith took to Facebook and put out a desperate plea for help. She created a group called “Find Fergus,” but she had no idea how quickly word would spread – and how far their community would go to help Fergus get home!

More than 1,400 people joined the “Find Fergus” group and began scouring the neighborhood. A few days later, Meredith and her family received the call they’d been waiting for.

“We were contacted early this morning with word that Fergus had been found about half a mile southwest from the site of the accident,” she wrote on Facebook.

The homeowner spotted Fergus and said he walked right into her home when she called for him. We rushed over to the home, and unbeknownst to us, a volunteer recorded this portion of our eagerly-awaited reunion. I’ve watched this video over and over again because it still feels like a dream!

In an emotional video, we see that as she breaks down into tears of joy, Fergus wags his tail and even adds a few cries of his own. He sounds like he missed his family just as much as they missed him – maybe even more!

Aside from a few cuts and bruises, Fergus was unharmed by the accident! Now that he’s home, he’s getting spoiled like crazy, and Meredith said her family is still marveling at how many total strangers joined the search to bring him home.

“This reunion wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of HUNDREDS of amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly since Saturday evening to help us comb the streets and spread the word about our boy,” she wrote.

Nashville, you showed up! We are still overwhelmed by the incredible response we received from our community and beyond, and we are eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

What a happy ending! It’s also a great reminder that it’s important to use seat belts for our pets’ safety. Welcome home, Fergus!

Check out their tear-jerking reunion in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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