This Frenchie Loves Eating With His Paws And Dad Has The Videos To Prove It.

At first glance, Bluenjy seems like any other French bulldog. But watching him eat, you’d swear he’s more human than canine!

From the moment Evan and Sunny Oshan brought him home as a puppy, they knew he was different. He was born deaf, but there was something else: He liked to grab and hold things with his paws!

These days, there’s nothing the 3-year-old loves more than enjoying a paws-on meal with his dad. Check out these 10 adorable videos of the two of them chowing down together!

1. As if they weren’t cute enough, Evan and Bluenjy wear matching outfits when they share snacks.

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2. And by share, we mean share! As far as Evan is concerned, his pizza is Bluenjy’s pizza.

3. From watermelon to popsicles, this duo eats it all!

4. Of course, they make sure to incorporate healthy greens into their diet.

5. After all, “Bros that carrot about each other diet together…”

6. As for utensils, Bluenjy is clearly a master!

7. He can even use chopsticks better than many humans!

8. According to Evan, he doesn’t drop anything — at least, not until he’s done with it!

9. What’s more, he demonstrates an incredible amount of self-control.

10. Evan and Sunny think his unique ability was influenced by not being able to hear.

“He provides happiness to many across the globe who have disabilities and gives them hope,” they wrote. “He is truly an inspiration.”

We could watch these two eat all day! It’s no wonder Evan gets such a kick out of mealtime with his best buddy. You can find more videos of Bluenjy and his dad on Instagram.

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