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Rescue Dog Gets Own Maternity And Newborn Photo Shoots Thanks To Loving Foster Mom.

Dogs do best when they’re living with a family, which is what makes foster parents like Caitie such an important part of so many animal rescues.

Caitie is passionate about helping stray and unwanted pets. As such, she has welcomed plenty of pups into her Houston, Texas, home – including an adorable pregnant mama named Lily Mae!

“Two months ago, my brother-in-law found this amazing golden girl running on the streets,” Caitie wrote on Instagram. “He took her in and spent the next month searching everywhere for an owner, thinking there’s no way this is a dumped dog. She wasn’t microchipped and an owner never came forward. His parents decided to take her in and keep her.”

A month later, Lily Mae’s new family found out that she was pregnant with six puppies. The vet thought she got pregnant just days before Caitie’s brother-in-law found her.

Since Caitie is a pro at caring for pregnant dogs and newborn pups, Lily Mae went to live with her until she finished weaning her babies. Since they would be spending so much time together, Caitie decided they might as well have some fun!

So she called photographer Shauna Kiely and set up the cutest maternity photo shoot for the expecting dog mama.

The resulting pictures are simply too precious for words. Just look at that big, round belly!

“She will be staying with me to raise her babies,” Caitie added.

Once they are old enough, she will go back to her forever home. The puppies WILL be adoptable here in Houston when old enough! Obviously, we have no idea what breed dad was, but I will for sure do a DNA test once they’re born. As much as I hate that she is having this needless pregnancy, gotta say I’m excited for these babies!

Caitie works with Chip N Snip, an animal rescue organization, to find loving homes for every dog she fosters. If you’re interested in contributing to the care of Lily Mae’s babies, the shelter gratefully accepts donations.

Less than a week after Lily Mae’s unique photo shoot, she gave birth to a litter of eight adorable puppies!

She had one girl and seven boys, so they’re named after Snow White and the seven dwarves! Of course, Caitie instantly fell in love and reached out to Shauna Kiely for a newborn photo shoot!

You’ve got to love a photographer who jumps into an unusual photo shoot like this one! These pictures are sure to bring joy to dog families everywhere!

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