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“Love Is The Reason.” Man Spends Half His Income To Feed Over 4,000 Wild Parakeets.

Meet Joseph Sekar, a man who’s known as “The Parrot” in Tamil.

Joseph lives in Chennai, a large city on the Bay of Bengal in India. Although the bustling streets there are typically filled with people and vehicles, twice a day, everyone is treated to a remarkable sight.


The unique experience is all thanks to Joseph! He started feeding wild parakeets 15 years ago when he noticed them begging humans for food. After doing some digging, he discovered the birds have no natural food sources nearby because of industry and predators. That’s when he decided he needed to help these beautiful creatures survive!

At first, he gave a handful of rice to a few birds, but as time passed, more and more of them brought friends along for their visits. Now, between 4,000 and 5,000 parakeets make their way to Joseph’s home every morning and evening.

To feed them all, Joseph wakes up at dawn to prepare rice. He then lugs the food to his rooftop, where he scatters it in piles along wooden beams. At exactly 6 a.m., his avian friends appear in droves, their colorful wings flapping in the early morning light and stunning everyone nearby.


Feeding this growing flock is no easy task! Joseph purchases about 55 pounds of rice each day, which costs the camera repairer half his income.

Despite the price, Joseph feels it’s his duty to keep the birds safe and fed. “All this is tough,” he said, “but just because it is hard, we cannot stop our service.”

In addition to feeding them, he also cares for them when they’re sick or injured — with a little help from his twin granddaughters. He takes great pride in nursing these animals back to health so they can live their best lives.


Throughout the years, Joseph has never missed a day of caring for his winged friends. Not only do they bring him joy, but they are also part of his purpose.

“Humans alone don’t make this world,” he explained. “All living creatures make this world. So it is the duty of us humans, who have been blessed with intelligence, to care for other living creatures.”

And that’s not the only powerful message he has to share: “If the whole world embraces love, we wouldn’t have any problems. Love is the reason. Love is life.”


What a beautiful way to make a difference! Keep up the great work, Joseph.

Watch the video below to learn more about the “Birdman of Chennai,” and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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