This Toddler And His Husky BFF Howling Together Is The Boost We All Need Today.

Family pets are always happiest when they’re part of a pack!


Alexandria Smith of Walker, Michigan, noticed that her pup Boston is never far away from her toddler Braxton because the two of them are the best of friends! When she recently witnessed an adorable moment between them, she knew she had to share their love with the world.


In a video, we see 2-year-old Braxton standing in the family living room with his canine pal, a fully grown husky who is just plain gorgeous! As Alexandria giggles behind the camera, Braxton starts howling at his friend. “Awoooo!” he calls out cheerfully. Of course, Boston is quick to reply with his own doggy, “Arooo!”

The tiny toddler thinks this is so hilarious that he doubles over with laughter. He actually giggles so hard that he falls over backward at one point, but that doesn’t phase him one bit. He barely pauses before he stumbles back to his feet and gives another hearty, “Awoooo!”


It’s a hard competition to win, but possibly the cutest part about this video is Braxton’s belly laugh! There’s something so sweet and wholesome about a baby’s giggle.

Obviously, the world agrees because Alexandria’s video quickly went viral. No one can get enough of these two and their hilarious antics!


If you’re feeling down, this may be just what the doctor ordered! It’s hard to be sad when you see these buddies together. We hope Alexandria shares more clips of her delightful family pack soon.

Check out Braxton and Boston’s priceless “conversation” in the video below, and be sure to share this story with anyone who needs encouragement today.

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