Meet Milo, The Very Sweet And Gentle “Butterfly King.”

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but the truth is these sweet creatures love everything and everyone, including insects.

Meet Milo, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever who adores the thriving population of butterflies that call his backyard home. His mom, Jennifer Bennett, noticed the 2-year-old’s affinity for them when he was a puppy and couldn’t resist sharing such cuteness with the world!

Try not to smile as you check out these 10 adorable interactions between Milo and his tiny friends below.

1. Jennifer started raising monarch butterflies in her garden two years ago.

2. Milo has been fascinated with them ever since, watching them fly and sneaking in covert sniffs.

milo sniffs butterfly

3. He even lets them rest on his snout!

milo with butterfly

4. “He is always patient when they land on him,” Jennifer told The Dodo. “He sees their process with me, from baby caterpillars to chrysalis then to butterflies.”

5. “He knows they are our friends. He loves hanging out with the butterflies.”

6. Milo’s bond with the winged critters is so cute that it’s turned him into a viral star!

7. In July, he was featured on the popular Twitter account WeRateDogs, which gave him a rating of 14/10!

8. WeRateDogs introduced Milo as “the butterfly king” who “has ruled benevolently in this garden for many years.”

9. This very good and gentle boy will continue to be their protector for years to come.

10. The backyard butterflies have become his insect BFFs, after all!

What a sweet boy — and what incredible moments for his mom to witness! This pup isn’t the only one in love. You can see more of Milo and his butterfly pals on Instagram.

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