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15 Heartwarming Stories That Prove We Don’t Deserve Dogs

We all know dogs are man’s best friend, so we’ll take any and every excuse to celebrate them.

Happy National Dog Day! Yes, this adorable day actually does exist! Not only is it the perfect opportunity to gush over our furry friends, but it’s also a great time to encourage those looking for a new addition to their family to consider adoption. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite canine-centered stories below for you to enjoy!

1. Baby gets the best birthday surprise.

Frem’s parents wanted his birthday to be special, so they chose to surprise him with a tiny furry friend! They weren’t sure how he’d feel about it, but his heartwarming reaction proves they made the right choice.

2. Sneaky dog is caught dancing on the bed he’s not allowed on.

Dogs don’t always obey their humans, and this adorable pit bull is no exception. Even though his parents have told him multiple times not to get on the bed, they had a feeling he wasn’t listening when they were gone. So they set up a camera to find out… and they were right. Sure, it may have been frustrating, but who could stay mad at this silly boy?

3. Just some adorably grumpy dogs.

Dogs can be incredibly expressive, which is one of the many things we love about them. In fact, even their grumpy faces can be too cute for words! That’s why we’re so happy the “Grumpy Dog Photo Challenge” exists. We just can’t get enough of these faces!

4. Heroic dog helps save a baby’s life.

As Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorbike on Christmas Eve, he found himself being chased by a dog. As scary as that may sound, Junrell could tell something was wrong and chose to follow the pup. It turns out the sweet dog was trying to lead him to an abandoned baby.

5. Puppy steals the spotlight in live news segment.

There’s nothing like unexpected moments on live TV, especially when they involve an adorable animal! Reporter Bob Barnard from Leesburg, Virginia, was in the middle of giving local weather updates when a friendly little dog decided to say hello. Needless to say, everyone forgot about the weather for a moment.

6. Our faces are hurting from smiling at these precious little puppies!

Before National Dog Day comes… National Puppy Day! We love dogs of all ages (and stand by the fact that all dogs are puppies). Nonetheless, there’s something extra cute about dogs who can fit in the palm of our hands.

7. Parents document their baby’s first year alongside the family dog.

Marshall the golden retriever has been absolutely smitten with baby Macy since she was still in her mom’s belly, and their bond has only grown stronger in the year since she was born. Luckily for the world, Macy’s parents have been documenting their adorable friendship online.

8. Happy dog and grumpy cat form an unlikely friendship.

Rinsa and her family members weren’t sure how their cat Casper would react to getting a canine brother. They introduced them slowly, making sure to give Casper enough time to become comfortable with their new addition. It took a moment, but now these two are best friends – and they provide their mom with priceless photo opportunities.

9. Dog side-eyes his parents when they pick him up.

Hannibal’s owners were so excited to pick him up from a boarding kennel after they had to leave him behind to go on vacation. They were expecting him to celebrate when they arrived, but as it turns out, he wasn’t willing to forgive them that easily.

10. This adorable corgi may be the queen of Instagram.

Baby is an unbearably cute corgi who couldn’t have a more fitting name. This tiny pup loves attention, and her mom May can’t resist sharing the adventures she goes on. We can’t stop staring at those hypnotizing puppy eyes!

11. Casper loves “talking” to his dad.

OK, so we know dogs can’t actually talk. But Ryan has managed to find a hilarious way to help us imagine what it would be like if his border collie named Casper actually could. Taking clips of his dog where he’s moving his mouth, Ryan uses voice-overs to pretend like Casper is having a conversation with him. It’s just as great as it sounds.

12. Starving puppy becomes unrecognizable after being rescued.

People who work with animals are sadly familiar with how much dogs can suffer when they’re abandoned. Yet even they were shocked by the state of the puppies they found near a junkyard. One of them, Arnia, was half the weight she should have been, but with a lot of care and love, she’s back to her happy, healthy self!

13. Woman surprises her husband with a new puppy a year after their dog passed away.

Losing a family pet is heartbreaking. One of the difficulties includes knowing when it’s time to get another furry friend. After a year of grieving, Joie Dyanna Stockton knew she and her husband were ready for a fresh start. She surprised her husband with a new addition to their family, and his reaction is making us emotional!

14. Show dog fails agility test, but he’s just here to have a good time.

Show dogs undergo plenty of training, making the day of the big competition stressful for some pups. Ollie, on the other hand, is simply happy to be there. This energetic dog might not have won any awards, but he sure did win the hearts of anyone who watched his messy performance.

15. Mischievous dog loves to mess up her mom’s photos.

Yoko loves to take pictures of her four Shiba Inu dogs – understandably so! Her big, furry friends are naturally photogenic…. well, most of them anyway. The white one named Hina is infamous for ignoring her mom’s instructions.

Did you lose track of how many times you said, “Awwww,” because we sure did! We’re so thankful that these precious creatures exist and that they love us just as much as we love them.

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