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12 Times This Dog Ruined Her Family Photos But Won Our Hearts

It’s not easy to set up a group photograph that makes everyone look good, but it’s especially difficult when you’re also attempting to wrangle animals or kids into the frame.

Yoko, a yoga instructor in Hong Kong, spends her free time capturing adorable family portraits of her four Shiba Inu dogs. The well-behaved canine sisters, Kikko, Sasha, Momo, and Hina, have developed a large online following thanks to that fact, and we can definitely understand why!

Don’t let those sweet faces fool you though; there’s a troublemaker in their midst! Hina (the white pup) usually refuses to comply with Yoko’s photography requests. While the rest of her siblings will smile and sit still on command, Hina pretty much just does her own thing.

A quick glance through Yoko’s popular Instagram shows us that this particular dog has a real mind of her own! Take a look at these 12 times she definitely ruined their group picture but still made our day!

1. Tell us how you really feel, Hina.

2. Everything at the birthday party looked so perfect, except….

3. Yes, yes, yes, no!

4. When all else fails, Hina will just blow some raspberries.

5. You want our tongues out for this pic? I can do that.

6. She’s just so extra!

7. Whoops, caught her mid-blink. It could happen to anyone.

8. “Mooooom, are we done yet?”

9. “What kind of bird is that?”

10. Talk to the tail.

11. “Look, a bee!”

12. Shh, let’s not wake her.

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute! This hilarious pup has a personality we can actually see. While she may have ruined these shots for her mom, for the rest of us, she made them 100 percent better.

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