25 Pups Who Won The “Grumpy Dog Photo Challenge” Paws Down

One of the things we love most about dogs is the way their faces mimic so many human emotions.


On Facebook, the “Grumpy Dog Photo Challenge” has given pet owners a chance to share their funniest pictures of their cranky pooches. We don’t know why they’re so moody, but we’ll be sure to ask them… just as soon as we stop laughing!

1. He even looks annoyed when he’s doing one of his favorite things.

2. “What are you looking at? Eyes on the road, human.”

3. He may look like a dog, but he’s really a teenager at heart.

4. Don’t talk to him. Don’t even look at him.

5. That one toof! We want to pet her so much… but those eyes tell us not to get too close.

6. He’s giving us some serious side-eye.

7. Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.

8. “Resting what face?”

9. Don’t bother him for anything less than a T-bone steak.

10. He’s not a big fan of bath time.

11. He’s seen you getting out of the shower. You have no secrets here.

12. Please apologize for whatever it is you’ve done.

13. Cute, sure. Grumpy? Definitely.

14. Somebody looks thrilled that it’s her birthday. (We said somebody, not this dog.)

15. Trying out a new wrinkle treatment. So far, not so good.

16. He’s not really grumpy; that’s just his face.

17. Silently judging you in 3…2…1….

18. Extreme (grumpy) close-up!

19. She’s not buying that “we’re going to the dog park” lie again.

20. Why is this Ewok so grumpy?

21. Why must you mock my emotional pain, human?

22. Itty-bitty grumpy boy.

23. “Thanks for the bandana. I hate it.”

24. “What? This is just how I smile!”

25. Turn that frown upside down!

Somebody get these good boys and girls a treat! They may not be all smiles and sunshine, but we still love each and every one of these fur babies.

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