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Starving Rescue Dog Undergoes Major Transformation And Her Tail Won’t Stop Wagging.

There’s no end to the tragedies that animal rescuers witness while they’re trying to save homeless pets.

The good people at Howl Of A Dog work tirelessly to save abused, unwanted, and abandoned animals from the streets of Romania. When they received a tip about a group of starving pups at a nearby junkyard, they rushed over to help.

Even these seasoned shelter workers couldn’t believe the state of the dogs. On the chilly December day they arrived on the scene, the razor-thin canines were huddled on top of a pile of sharp tile pieces because it was the warmest spot they could find.

One of them, a female they named Arnia, was just 13 pounds – half of what a dog her size should weigh.

They rushed Arnia to their shelter and gave her food, water, and a warm bath. A vet checked her out and found that in addition to being severely underweight, she was anemic, dehydrated, and suffering from muscle spasms and giardiasis.

Arnia was so scared when they first brought her in that she could barely look at her rescuers. But once she received love, care, and nourishment, she slowly began to come out of her shell.

Just a week after her rescue, she started to wag her tail… and she hasn’t stopped since!

The pup is now virtually unrecognizable! She’s put on weight and has been vaccinated and treated for parasites, but the biggest transformation has been in her demeanor.

Gone is the dog who shivered and shied away from humans. Now she goes everywhere at a run and seems to be living the happy puppyhood she never had before.

“She has made a beautiful recovery, regaining not only her health, but also all the joy and happiness she missed,” Howl Of A Dog wrote on YouTube. “She is approximately 2-3 years old, but has the spirit of a little puppy, jumping with joy, playing with pretty much everything, and crazily zooming around the yard.”

We hate that she had such a rough start, but thanks to this rescue organization, Arnia has a second chance at life. She’s up for adoption and hopes to find her forever home soon!

Learn more about Arnia’s recovery in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend.

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