Meet Baby, The Adorable Corgi Puppy Who’s About To Steal Your Heart.

We could all use a big dose of joy right about now. Luckily for us, this puppy is happy to provide her services free of charge!


Meet Baby, a 5-month-old corgi who loves (and is loved by) everyone she meets! From the moment May Theint Nwe brought her home, the pup’s adorable antics have kept her smiling. That’s why May decided to share the dog’s precious face with the world.

Now, Baby and her furry brother Cooper are Instagram stars with thousands of fans. Prepare to fall head over heels when you see these 14 precious sides of Baby below.

1. “Baby is very playful and feisty,” May told Bored Panda.

2. While Baby already knows she’s cute, that doesn’t stop her from getting jealous when Cooper gets more attention.

3. But there’s never a problem that can’t be solved with a shopping spree…

4. …or by showing some sticks who’s boss.

5. Other than being completely irresistible, Baby also wears many hats.

6. She is the master of hide-and-seek and peekaboo…

7. …an expert sniffer…

8. …the ultimate sass-giver…

9. …an unyielding bath-hater…

10. …and a brave explorer of new territories!

11. Most recently, she’s mastered the art of quarantine cuddles.

12. But the novel coronavirus pandemic has also turned her into a paw-some at-home chef!

13. Of course, we can’t forget Baby’s most iconic role: the queen of floof!

14. “Look, Baby. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”

What a cutie! Baby has the corg-key to our hearts, and we’re certain we aren’t the only ones who can’t resist her charm!

If these pictures have turned you into one of her many adoring fans, be sure to check out more of Baby and her brother Cooper on Instagram. Share this story with your friends so Baby can bring smiles to even more faces.

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